My Empire

Empire Search Partners’ combination of technology, transparency, access, and insight from the most experienced recruiting team in the legal recruiting industry empowers attorneys with maximum control over their careers. The Empire Search Partners law job board is the most comprehensive, current, and user-friendly resource in the market. Opportunities are constantly updated and monitored to ensure that members of Empire Search Partners are informed of and able to apply to new positions ahead of the general market. Unlike other job boards that merely list publicly-advertised job postings, the Empire Search Partners job board includes exclusive and non-public in-house and law firm searches.  

Members of Empire Search Partners receive unlimited secured access to My Empire, an individualized extranet portal where members can store and manage personal career files; search, save and apply to in-house and law firm jobs; and access model documents and other important career management tools. Empire Search Partners utilizes the most advanced technology in the market to ensure that confidentiality and privacy is always secure. Although we encourage all members of Empire Search Partners to speak with one of our career consultants, we understand that many attorneys would prefer to stay up to date on the market without directly communicating with a recruiter. Empire Search Partners is confident that our access, market knowledge, insight, and experience so far exceed that of any other agency in the legal recruiting industry that we place no limitation on members’ ability to utilize the Empire Search Partners job board.